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Forging Parts

Closed-die forgings

Forging is carried out with presses or hammers and during this process the heated material fills in a cavity of the tool – a die. This technology is apt for production of larger series. The advantage of closed-die forging is repeated dimensional accuracy, less additions for metal machining and a higher grade of forging. The forging parts can be calibrated in order to achieve more precise dimensions and to reduce the necessity of further machining.

We can deliver closed-die forgings made of these material types:

  • carbon steel, alloy steel and microalloyed steel according to ČSN, DIN EN quality standards
  • The weight of a forging part: 0,50 – 80 kg
  • Aluminium base and copper base alloys, weight:  0,10 – 15 kg

Regarding forgings, we can also ensure surface finish, heat treatment and potential machining based on a technical drawing sent by a customer. Steel forging parts can be equipped with hot-dip galvanazing or with electrogalvanizing.


Open-die forgings

Open-die forging is carried out with power hammers or with hydraulic presses at dimensionally simplier forgings. Fitted shafts, bars, rings, flanges etc. should be mentioned as the main types of these forgings . This sort of forgings is also appropriate for a one-piece work as there are no costs of the die production. As for disadvantages, there is a need to choose bigger material additions for the final machining.

We can deliver open-die forgings made of these material types:

  • Carbon steel and alloy steel according to ČSN, DIN EN quality standards, weight: 10 – 1000kg.

We can also ensure the heat treatment of the forgings and their roughing so that required dimensions are achieved accurately.

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